Wellness Check For Infants

Why A Wellness Check Is So Important For Infants And Small Children

When we have a baby, we are given a schedule for exams called wellness checks that begin at 6 weeks old and progress through early childhood. These exams are imperative, and getting them as close to the time as recommended is also important. But, you may not understand why you need to see the doctor so often, especially when they are infants and if you are a new parent. These reasons for why a wellness check is so important for infants and children will guide you to understanding how important these exams really are to their medical health. As we get older we will need to keep seeing a doctor.


With costs rising faster than income, it may seem expensive or impractical to get a check at 6 weeks, 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 1 year, 15 months and every year thereafter. These dates are actually quite important dates in an infant’s life. It is well known that infants are far more likely to have issues that can cause serious disability or death.

It is well known that infants are more susceptible to infections, some of them potentially lethal, such as measles, rubella and pertussis. Vaccinations help reduce the risk of your infant contracting any of these diseases.

During infancy, wellness checks can identify potential problems with the heart, lungs, eyes, hips, hearing and multitude of other areas. While only a small percentage of infants have issues in these areas, the sooner they are identified, the sooner treatment can begin and there more likely that your infant will grow up medically healthy.

Early Childhood

While the frequency of the exams drop significantly after 18 months, it is still imperative that you keep to the wellness exam schedule. For small children, the doctor will continue to monitor any issues that may have come up or identified earlier as well as making sure that your child is hitting the appropriate milestones.

It is during early childhood that such learning disabilities and defects like autism and Asberger’s can be identified. With the learning disabilities, you child may need specialized education or other treatments to make their lives more fulfilling. It is at this age that Down’s syndrome can become more apparent and many tests can be done to find any other issues.

Our children grow fast. From birth to five years old are the most crucial times for development and the fastest rate of development. By having your child’s wellness exams, you can identify and treat any potential problems as soon as possible. This will give your child the best chance to be as medically healthy as possible.

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