Physical For A Man

What To Expect From A Physical If You Are A Man

Men hate to go to the doctor. As a matter of fact, they are less likely to visit a doctor even if they are sick or injured. So, when it comes to their medical health and wellness, it just doesn’t occur to many of them to get an annual physical exam. But, if you are a man, knowing what to expect from your physical, how to prepare for it, what to expect when scheduling your physical and what tests will be performed and what they are for may take a little of the fear out of it.

What To Expect When Scheduling Your Physical

When you call the doctor’s office to schedule your appointment, there are a couple of things to remember. If you need this physical for employment, certain occupations, such as pilot or truck driver or certain licenses, you want to call at least 2 months ahead of the due date. This ensures that the doctor will be able to complete it by that time.

Physicals take somewhere between ½ to 1 hour, and so scheduling them can often mean days or weeks out. By calling in 2 months ahead, you will make sure that you got the time you are available and have all the paper work is ready in time to meet your renewals dates.

What To Do To Prepare For Your Physical

So, it is now the day of the physical and you are wondering what to do to prepare for it. The first thing you need to know is that unlike a woman’s physical, your clothing won’t change much. The main thing to remember is that you may need blood tests, so wearing shirts that have sleeves above the elbow to make it easier to draw the blood.

You may want to fast for at least 8 hours before your test, if it is early enough or feasible to do so. Many of the blood tests require a fasting level, and by being prepared, you won’t have to return at a later date and time to complete it.

You will want to arrive at least 15 minutes early. This gives you time to fill out any paperwork the doctor needs, any insurance questionnaires and also allows for you to be called as close to your appointment time as possible. Plus if there has been a cancellation or no-show, you may even get in there earlier.

What Tests Are Performed And What Are They For?

With a man’s medical health and wellness check, there are certain tests that will be performed, regardless of your age. There also will be tests performed that are dependent on age. These tests are an important part of determining your medical health and wellness.

 Inguinal Hernia Check: This is the one test that men hate. Men are more likely to develop this form of a hernia and often, if not checked yearly can develop into a major issue. This test requires the doctor to hold the testicles while you turn your head and cough. This way the doctor can check for any abnormalities.
 Hemocult Test: This one is where they check for blood in the stool, a possible precursor to colon cancer. The doctor will insert a finger into the rectum to retrieve a very small amount of stool. He will then place it on a special card and place a few drops of specially prepared liquid on it. If there is blood present, it will change colors and will require further testing.
 Prostate Exam: This checks for prostate abnormalities. Men can get a condition call Benign Prostate Hypertrophy, which is basically an enlargement of the prostate. This can cause urination issues like having to get up in the night more frequently. Relatively simple to fix, making sure that this is found early will help to reduce the amount of overall medical care you will need.
 Cholesterol: This is a simple blood test that will check the levels of your triglycerides, HDL (high density lipids or good cholesterol) and LDL (low density lipids or bad cholesterol). By making sure these levels are within normal you can reduce the chance for certain types of heart attacks or strokes.
 Breast Exam: Typically associated with women’s health and wellness, over 1% of all breast cancers are found in men. By doing this relatively simple test, the doctor may be able to find problems or abnormalities to allow further tests if needed.

Men hate physicals. They don’t think of their medical health or wellness unless something dictates it like work or licensure. To take the mystery out of men’s physical, knowing these simple things will help you to be prepared, and know what to expect so that you can maintain you medical health and wellness for years to come.

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