High Fiber Diet

Filling Up on Fiber

One thing that we can tell you that you may not know about fiber, is that you need a lot of it! Filling up on fiber can be a good thing. You may not necessarily think this is true, but for anyone who diets, or who tries to change their diet to incorporate better sources of protein to help them to lose weight they will tell you that you need fiber. People use fiber for its ability to help prevent or relieve problems with constipation. Foods that contain fiber may also provide some other health benefits like helping a person to maintain a healthy weight plus lowering some risk of diabetes and heart disease.

The reason that fiber is so important is fiber it actually aids in digestion and helps you to push your stool down. While this might sound a little gross, think of it like this, if you were only eat chicken or to only eat fish, while it sounds great because you're only taking in protein, the problem is when you go to the bathroom you don't have anything to help to ease all of that fish and chicken out. That's where fiber comes in. Now, you could have fiber in the source of something like Metamucil, for example, or you can have fiber in something that is a little bit easier on your system such as natural fruits and vegetables, but do know that filling up on fiber is beneficial to the body.

Another reason that you want to add fiber is because it helps process all that protein and eases what the colon has to do. Fiber is also good for the body because as you release your stool from your body you're also ridding your body of toxins that you’re expelling with your workout. This is why it's so important to have, for example, a protein shake with lots of berries and bananas or a bowl of fruit with different types of fruits like berries, bananas and apples. As you get used to filling up on fiber, you can also incorporate celery and carrots into shakes, and you can add in peppers, if you want, and even cucumber. The sky's the limit!

Fiber Helps To Process Protein

The goal with adding fiber to your weight loss diet is to give your body a chance to have an easy bowel movement. Keep in mind that you have several feet of intestines within your body. You don't want to have any type of digestive issues with not being able to go to the bathroom because too much protein can constipate some people.

Filling up on fiber also helps you stay regular. Another area that can constipate you is eating too many protein bars because high sources of protein don't always include fiber. Now we're not suggesting that you shouldn't have protein bars because protein bars are an excellent source of vitamins and nutrients, but just ensure that if you're going to have a protein bar, an egg omelet, beef jerky, chicken and other sources of protein that you make sure to incorporate a nice healthy veggie protein shake with cucumbers, broccoli, carrots and celery, or a salad later on that evening with lettuce, cucumber, apples and tomatoes.

These are the types of things that will help to ensure that you have a good bowel movement at least every day but you want to ensure that you at least have a good movement every two days at the most. People who have bowel movements that are infrequent like every 3 days every 5 days or longer, have more digestive issues because there is more stool backed up in their intestines which can lead to more diseases taking place. As you get into the habit of filling up on fiber, you will see that it helps to keep you regular and you can still have all that great protein!

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