Fast Relief System

Three-Part System for Fast Pain Relief

Fast Relief has a three-part system of pain relief that begins immediately. No one has time for pain, and this system works on nerve pain at the source of the discomfort with a fast acting cream, nerve health support, and capsules that bring long-term pain relief. Using a variety of natural ingredients the three components of this system bring immediate relief, but also works to relieve the causes of pain for lasting support. There are many causes for joint and nerve pain. The various components of this system are designed treat immediate discomfort, and then aid the body to repair naturally.

Fast Relief Nerve Health: Relief and Repair

Those with damaged nerves will often experience not only pain, but also a feeling of numbness, weakness, and tingling sensations. Nerve Health Support is one of the components of the three-product system in Fast Relief. Fast relief nerve health support promotes regeneration of the damaged nerves by stimulating a New Growth Factor (NFG). This product is safe to use daily as it contains vitamins, minerals, herbs, extracts and amino acids, rather than any type of addictive medication. While vitamins and amino acids help the body to repair naturally, a proprietary blend offers fast relief from pain. Other ingredients in the Fast Relief Nerve Pain Health Support, such as Acetyl L Carntine, help to increase circulation, and are used to treat many different types of nerve pain.

Fast Relief Cream: Healing and Relief Straight to Affect Area

Another part of the Fast Relief system is a cream that offers almost immediate pain relief straight to the affected area. Containing ETArol, Whole leaf aloe gel, MSM, Menthol, Sea Kelp, Green Tea Extract, Oleoresin Capiscum, Chondroitin, Gluscoamine, and Hyaluronic acid this cream immediate offers a wide range of support directly the area that needs it the most. Used together as a compound these ingredients work to relieve pain immediately and to improve overall joint and tissue health. Other extracts in this cream are known to immediately relieve swelling, joint pain and nerve pain. MSM is also known to relieve immediate pain, and also to aid with joint and nerve over time. Sea Kelp and Green Tea extract also sooth the area on contact and then work to increase joint function, and protect tissues. The effect of Menthol in bringing fast and soothing relief is well known in both traditional and western medicine. Like menthol, aloe was once used solely in traditional medicines, but is now frequently found in western medications because of its ability to sooth tender, swollen or painful areas of the body quickly and safely.

Fast Relief Capsules: Long Lasting Repair and Relief

For many pain is chronic and exists in varying degrees throughout the day. This is especially true of inflammatory joint or soft tissue conditions. Fast relief capsules is the third component of the Fast Relief system. Utilizing a designed and patented blend of extracts and enzymes such as Serrapeptase, turmeric, and bromelain it’s possible to take these capsules every day to increase overall health and reduce the elements of conditions that cause pain.

New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel: Relieves Joint Pain Quickly

New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel is another tradition medicine that’s caught the interest of western medical research. In the dried form used in the Fast Relief Capsules it’s known to have not only an anti-inflammatory benefit, but also relieves joint pain quickly, and is also used in the treatment of asthma.

Serrapeptase: Reducing Inflammation

Serrapeptase is a natural anti-inflammatory enzyme that reduces inflammation by safely thinning the fluid created around a damaged or arthritic joint. It is also believed to reduce pain by inhibiting the release of a certain type of amines, which trigger pain signals to pass to the brain.

Bromelain, Turmeric Extract, and ETArol: Anti-inflammatory Support

Bromelain also has anti-inflammatory effects and is often used in tradition medicine.
ETArol is used here again as along with its own anti-inflammatory support it also aids tissue regeneration. Turmeric Extract is also used in traditional medicine for fast pain relief and an anti-inflammatory.

Fast Relief: All-Around Support for Pain Relief and Repair

Each of the Fast Relief products is geared to work together to offer immediate relief, and better health for joints, tissue, and nerves when used together daily. Taken together in combination the three Fast Relief products can help a person suffering for chronic pain return to a more normal, productive and happier life.

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