Healthy Coffee

Healthy Reasons to Drink Your Coffee

Passing by your favorite coffee shop or skipping your morning blend is painful. If this has been part of your morning routine or you simply love the smell and taste of a good blend there is so good news. No, you can’t return to the days of having a sugary whip cream and sprinkles existence, but you can have the rich taste of coffee and know it’s healthy. The key is to mix the health benefits of coffee with dieting common sense.

What Researchers Have Found

Having some coffee in your daily intake is actually beneficial as it can help to prevent certain diseases and conditions. If this is confusing given the number of warnings about blood pressure and diabetes risks, then keep in mind the key is balance. You can’t overdo any one component of your daily healthy diet or undo the benefit of that substance.

Coffee and Stress

When you wake up and walk into the kitchen the warm and enticing aroma of coffee can help you wake up and face the day in a more relaxed state. Those who visit the coffee shop or stop at a diner for the morning blend also have the benefit of a moment of relaxed socializing before facing the day. It’s possible because of these associations that some people become more relaxed when just smelling the aroma of coffee.

Tooth Decay and Coffee

Black coffee, with no creamer or sugars added can help in preventing tooth decay. This doesn’t mean that if you can have your cup of Java without milk and sugar, you can leave off brushing, but it can help the next time you visit the dentist.

Coffee and Diabetes

Increasing the intake of coffee by one cup per day over a 4-year period could lower the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 11%. Here’s where it gets tricky, if you have more than a cup per day you run a 17% higher of the same condition. The key here is to know your other risk factors, and balance your knowledge of your own body, your family history to weight whether or not this information is helpful to your own situation.

Stroke and Coffee

Those who have higher amounts of coffee or green tea, have a lower risk of stroke than those who rarely have a cup of joe or any green tea according to a 2013 study published in the journal Stroke. Again, you can use this information to offset issues with your own health history and situation.

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