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10 Best Diets for Weight Loss, Heart Health, and Diabetes

With the kind of lifestyles that many people all over the world are living; feeding on junk food, little or no exercise and taking very little fluids, the number of diabetic patients has increased over the years. It should not come as a shock, but should be a cause for alarm. With being overweight or obese, one is at the risk of acquiring a heart related disease or diabetes, conditions that can cost you lots of money, and can be very fatal if not taken care of properly. However, it is said that prevention is better than cure. As such, if you are overweight, you should pay attention to particular foods that will help you shed off some weight without any problems. You should know that many heart conditions and diabetes are connected to the weight. As a result, shedding off some weight will ultimately help reduce the risk you face of getting the conditions, and if you have the conditions, the following diets can go a long way to getting them under control.

1. Dash Diet
• This diet was developed to help fight against high blood pressure and not as an all-purpose diet.
• It encourages the intake of potassium, protein ad calcium, which are all nutrients that are very crucial in keeping high blood pressure at bay and ultimately heart disease.
• In addition, the intake of fiber reduces the amount of food consumed in a day which results in loss of weight.
• Studies conducted on the diet show that it also helps control diabetes.

2. TLC Diet
• "Therapeutic lifestyle changes" is a pretty solid diet plan and is very good in promoting heart health. It helps in lowering the cholesterol levels.
• With this diet, you start out by picking the level of calorie that you intend to take. For men, the goal is 2,500 and 1,800 daily for women.
• While it is intended to reduce cholesterol levels, research shows that low-fat diets tend to favor weight loss.

3. Mayo Clinic Diet
• The diet is aimed mainly towards weight loss.
• The claim is that one can shed up to 10 pounds in about two weeks aid lose a subsequent 1 or 2 pounds each and every week that follows.
• It uses the theory of replacing bad eating habits with better ones with the aid of the unique food pyramid of Mayo’s clinic
• The unique eating patterns on veggies, fruits and whole grain with little fat and salt help reduce the blood pressure, and, as a result, heart disease at bay, even diabetes.

4. Mediterranean Diet
• This is a balanced type of diet.
• It is aimed at achieving weight loss, brain and heart health, diabetes and cancer prevention
• It emphasizes on feeding on veggies, beans, whole grains, nuts, beans, legumes, fruits, spices, olive oil and flavorful herbs. Feed on seafood twice a week; enjoy eggs, yogurt and cheese in moderation.

5. Weight Watchers
• Its aim is to lose weight.
• You can drop 2 pounds each and every week.
• The diet assigns each and every food a particular value based on the carbohydrate, protein, calories, fiber fat and how hard your body works to break them down.
• Choices that fill you up for a long end up being ‘cheaper’. If you are to choose between 200-calorie iced tea and a 200-calorie fruit smoothie, then a smoothie is the best choice.

6. Flexitarians Diet
• Balanced type of diet
• Aimed to bring about weight loss and optimize health
• Includes adopting five new food groups that include; whole grains, new meat (beans lentils, nuts and eggs), spice and sugar, dairy, veggies and fruits.

7. Volumetric Diet
• It is a balanced type of diet
• Its primary aim is to reduce the weight
• It involves feeding on foods that are low in calorie content that helps you still maintain the amount of food eaten these foods help you lose weight fast. The foods include vegetables and fruit.

8. Ornish Diet
• This is a low fat type of diet
• Its aim can be tailor-made to fit the needs of an individual. It can be tailored to help reverse diabetes as well as heart disease, lose weight and reduce the blood pressure.

9. Biggest Loser Diet
• This is a balanced type diet
• It is aimed at weight loss as well as reversing and preventing diseases.
• Given that many people eat lots of the wrong kinds of food and sit around a lot it is not surprising to put on weight. The solution provided to this by this particular diet is to regularly eat and feed on lean protein, vegetables, fruits and whole grains.

10. Jenny Craig Diet
• This is a balanced type of diet that resembles Volumetric and Weight Watchers.
• It is aimed at achieving weight loss.
• Losing weight is as simple as putting in check the amount of fat and calories taken in.
• In as much as it is aimed at losing weight, it also helps to reverse diabetes and heart condition as they are linked to weight.

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